#Q&A Friday: Karol Ruth Silverstein

Happy Friday, fellow book lovers, and welcome to another Q&A Friday!

We asked authors to imagine their characters in different scenarios that they most likely don’t encounter in their own books and provide answers to a set of questions that we provided. As this blog feature continues, we hope that you discover some great books that you’ll simply have to get your hands on, learn a little more about the characters and the authors themselves, and have fun along with us!

Netflix & Chill with Karol Ruth Silverstein (Author of Cursed)

An #ownvoices contemporary/realistic YA debut. 14-year-old Erica “Ricky” Bloom, is newly diagnosed with a painful chronic illness and pretty pissed off about it. Her body hurts constantly, her family’s a mess and the boy she’s crushing on seems completely clueless. The best coping mechanisms she can come up with are cursing and cutting school. But when her truancy is discovered she must struggle to catch up in school to avoid a far worse horror: repeating ninth grade. 

Which of your characters would you most want to binge a TV show with? And what show?

My main character Ricky (short for Erica) recently discovered old After School Specials on YouTube. At first, she thought they were incredibly dumb and cheesy…but kind of like a car wreck she couldn’t look away from. She ends up going back again and again and watching several of them, and I’d love to binge-watch ALL 154 episodes with her.


Which of your characters would spoil the ending?

Oliver is a bit of a know-it-all/motor mouth. He can’t help himself! He introduced Ricky to the 1980s-era wacky soap operas but can’t help telling her what’s going to happen as they watch. It’s all for laughs anyway, so he figures it doesn’t really matter.


Which of your characters wants to watch a rom-com?

Ricky’s college basketball star sister Dani is a huge softie when it comes to romantic movies. Though she personally rarely engages in PDAs or grand romantic gestures with her girlfriend Noland, Dani’s a sucker for gushy love stories with happy endings.


Which of your characters want to watch the B-movie horror?

Speaking of Noland—she is definitely the B-movie fan! Horror, cult classics, obscure comedies—you name it, Noland’s into it!


Which of your characters would you most want to show your favorite movie to? What’s your favorite movie and why?

Okay—it’s impossible to name an all-time favorite movie! I have different favorites at different times, depending on my mood and what’s going on in my life. I’d love to show Ricky a movie like Strictly Ballroom—which has a theme of being true to yourself and living boldly.


Who falls asleep mid-movie?

I can totally see Ricky and her mom both falling asleep during a movie. Her mom works full time and has recently gone back to school, so she’s really burning the candle at both ends. And fatigue is a big part of Ricky’s chronic illness. Being crazy-tired a lot of the time is, unfortunately, her new normal.


Which of your characters has seen the most movies/TV shows?

From age four through seven, Oliver was so sick while fighting cancer, he watched pretty much every kids’ movie and TV show known to man to pass the time. (And—yes, he’d fall asleep on them all the time.) So in terms of sheer numbers, I’d have to give this one to him.


Which character rarely watches movies or TV?

Ricky’s not a big movie and TV watcher. She prefers listening to her eclectic music collection. Except for old “Glee” episodes, you can’t really sing along to TV!


Who quotes the entire movie?

Noland for sure. She even does the different voices and she’s great at it. It’s hysterical!


What are your favorite snacks for a binge watch?

I’m a popcorn girl. Always have been. Oddly, I don’t usually get popcorn when I’m out at a movie theater, but at home, you’ll find me with a big bowl, freshly popped in the microwave.


What shows have you binge-watched?

The strangest thing—since I love me some medical shows!—is that I didn’t watch “Grey’s Anatomy” from the beginning. I actually binged the first 10 seasons on Netflix before starting to watch it on regular TV in season 11—just in time to see them kill off Dr. McDreamy! Darn you Shonda Rhimes!


Who do you binge watch with?

I must admit, I generally watch alone (unless you count my cats). I’m a stickler for taking in every line of dialogue (that’s the screenwriter in me, I guess), and I frequently jump back to catch any lines I missed. I’m sure this would drive anyone I might be watching with absolutely crazy!


What are your comfort shows?

As mentioned, I do love medical shows—a love that stretches all the way back to “M*A*S*H” and “St. Elsewhere.” But I also love dance shows (only those with real dancers, please!) and have watched every second of “So You Think You Can Dance” since it began 15 seasons ago. I’m also OBSESSED with “American Ninja Warrior”—go Jessie Graff!!


How long was your longest Netflix binge (be honest, no shame)?

If you’re talking consecutive hours, probably only about five. But I’ve certainly done five hours stretches several days in a row.


Karol Ruth Silverstein’s Cursed will be released on June 25, 2019!

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