Would You Rather Wednesday

I got the idea to do this segment from The Bibliophagist! My first topic comes straight from this gorgeous blog, check it out if you haven’t. I’ve been looking for a couple of fun mini-posts to do on my off days and this was a perfect addition. I may rotate biweekly between Would You Rather Wednesday and #WWW Wednesday, what do you guys think?

Would You Rather: 

Read only books with love triangles or books with no romance at all?

Well I know my other RI&W Girls, Ky & Amanda, would very quickly select the Love Triangle option. They like when their books always have a romantic element, no matter the main plot. But I’m torn…. I personally feel like the Love Triangle trope tends to be a bit cliché. There’s the bad boy with the heart of gold vs. the nice guy sweetheart who always does the right thing. Of course I always fall in love with the sweetheart because I’m the only person I know who doesn’t love the ‘bad boy’, and I get so peeved off during the back and forth process when the protagonist inevitably crushes the sweetheart repeatedly. In fairness, she usually ends up with the sweetheart but the road to get there is long and it makes me so annoyed with the protagonist. HOWEVER, the more recent me that is now very into To All the Boys and The Hating Game is really digging romance and maybe could read a book with a love triangle if it avoided the normal cliché’s. Hm… this is a head scratcher… Ultimately, I’m going to go with no romance at all. I feel like love triangles are cliché more often than not and if those cliché’s popped up in otherwise great books they’d be ruined for me. What do y’all think? I feel like I’ll be in the minority with this week’s topic, but comment below and let’s discuss. Happy Hump Day, book fam!


6 thoughts on “Would You Rather Wednesday

  1. I am so happy you liked this idea! It was hard for me to choose because sometimes the love triangle trope is terribly executed. If done properly, I find I do enjoy it most of the time…but it needs to be done right. So, in that sense, I agree that most of the time no romance at all is better than a poor love triangle.

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    1. Yassss girl, it was such a great idea! So excited to add it to our schedule! 😀 It really was a tough choice because, when done well, a good love triangle can MAKE a book. But when done poorly… it basically just ruins the whole thing for me because I’m so annoyed hahaha.


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