Would You Rather Wednesday

OK hey book fam, so I love my girl The Bibliophagist and her gorgeous blog, but her #WYRW question this week hurts my soul. This is def the toughest one I’ve had on any segment so far and I’m already so upset, I need to like count to ten before I even start writing this…. OK…. Here we go….

Would you rather be in an arranged marriage with your most hated antagonist or watch all of your favorite protagonists meet their ultimate demise?

Like…. Why tho. This was so mean of you, I love you but like… girl. You’re going to give me an anxiety attack. *Sigh* OK… so (me being Hermione and over analyzing everything yet again) I’m assuming in this scenario all of my favorite characters are real. Because at first when I read it I was like… is just the antagonist real and my protagonists are still technically fictional? But for the sake of being fair I assume they’re real in both scenarios. OK… who is my most hated antagonist… omg… no…. dear god, no…. So I either have to watch all of my favorite characters die or I have to marry Dolores Umbridge. Is me dying an option or…? Wow this is so upsetting.

I mean I know me and I couldn’t like sit back and watch all my favorite characters die, I love them too much. And technically it doesn’t say I have to stay in this arranged marriage. I guess I could do the marriage option for a bit to save my loves *shudder*. I’ll probably surprise Kyleigh with how Slytherin this answer is, but I’d probably marry her and then make a casual trip to the forbidden forest to visit the centaurs. Ya know, super casual. Harry and Hermione can help me because they’d be real and alive because I did the noble thing and saved them #gryffindor.

So yeah, thank you for making me live out two actual nightmares of mine, this has been great. In all seriousness though, check out The Bibliophagist, her page is awesome and I love doing these along with hers. What would you guys pick? Let me know in the comments below and tune in next week, bye loves!

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