This Or That Thursday

Haaaay book fam, welcome back to another This or That Thursday. As always, shout out to Turning the Pages, please check out her pages it’s AMAZING. Love doing this segment. Alrighty, without further ado…

Physical Books vs. E-books

OK I won’t keep you guys in suspense here with this one- physical books. If I could line every wall in my house that I don’t even have with books and bookshelves I would do it in a heartbeat. HOWEVER, I will say that I’ve recently begun to see the merit of getting e-books. I was really resistant to the whole kindle/nook thing up until this past fall. I could understand the appeal of not physically hold a book and feeling the pages, it just feels so much more reverential to me. But I realized that I often end up spending like $25 on a book and I end up not even liking it. I don’t really have much pride in displaying a book in my collection when I’m not a huge fan of it.

So I finally caved and asked for a Kindle for Christmas and I now use that as my medium for buying books that I’m more on the fence about, but still interested in reading. It becomes so much less expensive, plus they’re so compact and nice and I always have a book with me now no matter what. AND traveling just became 10,000 percent easier because (in the pre-kindle days) half of my suitcase was just books. Now I have room for my actual clothes which is a total game changer. So, though I will always prefer physical books to the point where new book smell would be part of my Amortentia smell, I am no longer anti-ebook like I used to be. What do you guys think? E-book or physical book? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “This Or That Thursday

  1. 9000% agree with this! The travel aspect of a kindle is a big draw. I’m going to a convention in March and I was freaking out because I didn’t know how I was going to pack books I wanted to read while there AND have room in my bags for all the books I hope to bring home from the con!

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    1. Yessss that is the ultimate struggle! Me and my boyfriend are going to France this March with his family and I’m so glad I have the kindle now. I only want to bring a carry-on and there’s no way I would’ve been able to fit my books and clothes in a carry-on suitcase!


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