Top Ten Tuesday: Places Mentioned in Books that I’d Like to Visit

Happy Tuesday, book fam! Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few weeks, Saturdays are usually my writing days and the past few Saturdays I’ve been a social butterfly (in a very un-me fashion). Hopefully next week I’ll fully be back on my ishh, but I didn’t want you to have to go another week without a little dose of me in your life because what a tragedy, right? Anyway, our topic this week is Places Mentioned in Books that I’d Like to Visit. I’m not 100% sure of the parameters, but I also read a lot of fantasy books so I decided we’re including imaginary places. Without further ado, here are my picks:

1) The Harry Potter Series: Hogwarts– because, DUH!

2) Enchantee: Paris – I’m going in less than a month, AHH!

3) The Night Circus: The Night Circus – especially the cloud room, omg. I would never leave

4) Caraval: Caraval – And I want all of the magical dresses

5) City of Brass: Daevabad – About to start Kingdom of Copper next week with Ky, so pumped!

6) Call Me By Your Name: Italy – I’ve only been to Venice which was gorggg, but very tourist-y.

7) Neverwhere: London Below – There’s a sequel in the works for this one and I haven’t had a new Gaiman in forevsies.

8) Carve the Mark: Thuvhe – Not that I particularly love this planet, but I love the whole Currentgift thing and frequently wonder what power I’d have in this solar system…

9) The Gilded Wolves: Also set in Paris – Did I mention I’m going to Paris? No?

10) Circe: Greece – TBH I DNF’ed this book, but I assume it’s set in Greece and I am Greek and very much want to go to Greece. Thus, it made the list.
The problem with these types of lists is that there are tons of fantasy worlds from books I love that I would NEVER EVER EVER want to visit in real life. Like do I want to go to Westeros with all the effed up stuff that happens there? Heck to the no. But anyway, that’s my time for the week guys! Tune in next week when I hopefully have my life together again (we’ll see, my expectations are not high). Until then, I’ll be reading Golden Son from the Red Rising Trilogy while I listen to the Song of Persephone and weep. For our bookstagram friends who recommended this series to me and Kyleigh- thank you! If it keeps being this good it’ll end up in my top five series of all time.

What places in books would you visit? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Places Mentioned in Books that I’d Like to Visit

    1. Yesssss March 23rd to the 30th, I’m beyond excited!! My awesome boyfriend got me a Kindle this Christmas so that’s definitely making packing a heck of a lot easier 😂 I already have Anger Is A Gift loaded into my Kindle for the trip, but I haven’t decided what else I’m reading yet so I’m open to suggestions if you have any! And yessssss I’ll def be making a blog post about the trip, not sure exactly what it’ll be yet but there will def be some gorggggg photos 😍😍😍

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