Review: The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton


Review Type: Spoiler Free

Title and Author: The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton

Genre and Subgenre: YA Fantasy

Length: 344

Goodreads: 2.5/5

Buy it here.

In this sequel to the instant New York Times bestseller, Camille, her sister Edel, and her guard and new love Remy must race against time to find Princess Charlotte. Sophia’s Imperial forces will stop at nothing to keep the rebels from returning Charlotte to the castle and her rightful place as queen. With the help of an underground resistance movement called The Iron Ladies-a society that rejects beauty treatments entirely-and the backing of alternative newspaper The Spider’s Web, Camille uses her powers, her connections and her cunning to outwit her greatest nemesis, Sophia, and restore peace to Orleans.

Haaaay book fam, it’s ya girl, Lauren! Guys, I am so sad writing this. This was one of the audiobooks that I picked to bring for my Paris trip (which I still need to do a post about… oops) and I was sooooooo excited for it. I actually read The Belles only like a month before this came out so I was still super excited and eagerly anticipating the sequel. I feel like Clayton created such a unique world with a lot of interesting juxtapositions and I was so ready to jump right back in. PLUS I did the audiobooks for both and Rosie Jones is an awesome audiobook narrator, she does the voices for everyone so perfectly. HIGHLY recommend doing the audiobook (as a side note).

Sadly, though, I was disappointed by this sequel. Without spoilers, I felt like barely anything happened throughout it. Like we barely got any new information and there wasn’t really anything that surprised me or shocked me. So when I was about halfway through and barely anything had happened, I thought to myself ‘Oh, this must be like the book 2 that we didn’t need that just gives us filler info and then book 3 will be more action-packed.’

Little did I know that this is actually a duology as of right now…? And I realized that by the ending, which wrapped things up but in a very anti-climactic way. Sad.

ALSO, though I still adored Remy and Camille in this book, I wish we got more from them. The book description calls him her ‘new love’ so I thought we’d be getting some romantic feels pretty early on, but that wasn’t the case. And I’m sad because even though in the first book they were barely an item, I ALWAYS loved Remy more than stupid freaking August. I wanted to be rewarded for picking the right guy, but alas…

Overall thoughts: Still love the world, didn’t ruin the first book for me, but I am disappointed. I wanted so much more. SO MUCH MORE (shameless Doctor Who reference).

Anyway, I haven’t really been hearing much from any friends about this one so I’m assuming either people felt similarly to me or this is just lower on everyone’s TBR. If any of you lovely people have read it and have some thoughts, please let me know in the comments below!

‘Til next time book fam, I’ll just be sitting here PRAYING that the Furyborn sequel doesn’t let me down like this.


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