What I Do: I learn and grow and adventure. More specifically, I read (obviously) and write/edit. I exercise because health. I become obsessed with new television shows. I spend time with family and friends. I enjoy theater. I frequently dance alone in my room to oldies music. And, ultimately, I try to learn something new, about myself or the world around me, every day.

What I Love To Read: I love everything from Shakespeare to Graphic Novels, so good luck figuring me out. I go back to old literature a lot, but as far as new literature I’m most interested in Sci-fi and Fantasy. I’m most drawn to masterful character development and intricate plots.

Favorite Authors: Kurt Vonnegut, William Shakespeare, and JK Rowling.

Favorite Books: I have several answers to this question. Harry Potter for sentimental reasons. Rant by Chuck Palahniuk for blowing-my-mind-and-making-me-question-my-sanity reasons. Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut for character reasons. Hamlet by Shakespeare is the best play of all time because deal with it. And my favorite Graphic Novel series is East of West.

What Gives Me All the Feels: When the wind picks up right before a storm hits. Simon & Garfunkel music. Doctor Who. I could go on forever. As far as literature goes, I’m a sucker for small moments that are beautifully crafted. I tend to get the most feels from a really smart Author- one who can anticipate what I want to happen and never give it to me.  And the very best Authors can make me feel guilty for ever wanting it in the first place. I like to be purposefully tortured, basically.


Lauren Evonn is a writer and editor with a lot to say and way too much time on her hands. She is a self-proclaimed story teller and an expert at getting lost, in her thoughts and otherwise. As a true Gryffindor, Time Lord and critical thinker, Lauren enjoys being challenged and considers herself a force to be reckoned with (on a good day). When Lauren isn’t reading, she’s either binge-watching her latest television obsession, listening to music that soothes her old soul, laughing at her own jokes, or traveling through time and space.